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How does JM&A Group value my vehicle?

We use the National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA) Guides to find out the market value of vehicles. Please refer to the section entitled Know your vehicle’s value.

How do I stay up to date on the status of my claim?

You can login to view your claim status anytime by accessing your account through

What can I do to help the claims process move as quickly as possible?

Work with your lender, insurance company, and dealer to obtain and submit the needed documentation via our secure consumer portal as soon as possible.

Make sure you advise your contacts at these companies that it is “okay” to speak with JM&A Group’s analysts, should there be any questions.

Ensure the addendum/contract/agreement number is on every piece of documentation you submit.

When uploading documents to the portal, please use standard formats (.pdf, .jpeg, etc). DO NOT use zip or encrypted files. Additionally, the file size must be less than 10 MB.

How do I cancel non-GAP F&I products that are no longer valid due to a total loss (service contracts, maintenance plans, etc.)?

Contact your dealer’s finance department and advise them of your loss. Ask that they cancel your F&I products using your date of loss and mileage at loss. You must ensure that your dealer does not cancel your GAP agreement.



First Steps

How quickly should I open a claim?

As soon as possible. Per your addendum/contract you must submit the completed claim information form within ninety (90) days of your total loss settlement or within ninety (90) days from the date of your total loss if the vehicle is not insured, whichever is later. For the fastest processing, please register on

What’s the best way to submit my documents?

The fastest way to get your claim processed is to register on our My Claim portal, submit your claim information and upload the Required Documents.

What are the documents needed to process a claim and where do I get them?

The list of required documents is available here.

Do I need to continue making my Finance Contract payments while my claim is being processed?

Your GAP Agreement requires you to continue making your scheduled Finance Contract payments. Unless other arrangements have been made with your Lender, you will be held responsible for these payments. Further, GAP does not waive any interest or late fees after the date of loss. Your GAP waiver amount is based on your outstanding balance at the time of your loss, see how GAP is calculated.

I have a GAP plan and my vehicle was totaled. What should I do?

Contact your auto insurance company to report the total loss incident.
Contact your lender to report the total loss incident.

Register on our portal here. You can report your claim and provide the information and documents needed to process your claim. Additionally, you may reference the information on our site to help you know the value of your vehicle.



Claim Process

How do I withdraw an active GAP claim?

If for any reason you need to withdraw your GAP claim, you can contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-722-4603. Please be sure to provide your name, agreement number and a good phone number so we can contact you if we need to.

How long does it take to process my GAP claim?

Once we receive all required documents from you, we will work as quickly as possible. We hope to process all claims within 5-10 business days.

Whose responsibility is it to gather the claim documents?

It is your responsibility to gather the requested documents from your insurance company, lender and/or dealership. Click here to view the list of documents.



GAP Plan Details

Does GAP have a deductible?

Although GAP does not have a deductible, your auto insurance policy may have a deductible which will impact your GAP waiver.

What happens if I don’t have automobile insurance?

You can still file a GAP claim even if you didn’t have insurance as of the date of your total loss. However, you must notify JM&A Group of your GAP claim within ninety (90) days of the loss.

Is there a maximum amount that may be waived by the GAP Plan?

Yes, your GAP waiver is limited to the lesser of $50,000 or the amount actually owed on your retail installment sales contract/lease agreement at the date of loss.

I refinanced my Finance Contract; is my GAP Plan still active?

Your GAP agreement is part of your original contract with your original lender. If you refinance your Finance Contract, your GAP agreement terminates. You should consider contacting your selling dealer to request that your GAP agreement be cancelled as of your refinance date. You may be entitled to a prorated refund.

What is a Total Loss Protection Plan (“GAP Plan”)

For many drivers, a standard comprehensive and collision auto insurance policy provides only enough protection to cover the actual cash value of a vehicle when it’s damaged or stolen — and that most likely won’t be the full amount you owe on your finance agreement. You are still responsible for paying the amount remaining on the finance agreement.

However, if you have a GAP Plan, the lender may waive some or all of the remaining balance that you owe on your finance agreement. The waiver amount is calculated according to the terms of the GAP Plan.

The GAP Plan is a GAP waiver and is designed to potentially waive the difference between what you owe on your finance agreement and the insurance settlement amounts available to you relating to the total loss of your vehicle.  Subject to the terms of your GAP Plan, including specific limitations and exclusions. You will be responsible for any amounts not waived. Please refer to your GAP Plan for specific details.

Gap is not insurance. GAP is an optional, add-on product and is not required for you to obtain financing for the purchase or lease of a vehicle.

Things not included in the gap waiver amount:

• Reduction in insurance company’s payment due to your vehicle’s condition

• Prior damages

• Towing



My Claim Portal

What is the best way to load a document?

The app store on your mobile device offers several options for scanning solutions. We recommend using one of these apps so that the best quality images can be uploaded for your claim.

What do I need to start a claim?

Ideally you should have all the documents listed in the required documents. Additionally, you will need to know the following to create a claim:

  • Date of loss
  • Description of how you use your vehicle
  • Cause of the loss
  • Mileage at the time of the loss

We will also ask you for your insurance company information, if applicable, as well as your lender information.

Who can view details of my claim?

Once you register on the My Claim portal, you can view your claim information and documents uploaded. Additionally, your lender can view your claim information via the secured Lender portal; however, to protect your information, lenders cannot view the documents you upload.

What should I do if my lender is not on the list provided?

We have listed the most common lenders. However, if your lender is not listed, please use the “Lender not listed” option and we will add your Lender’s information from the documentation submitted.

Why do I need to register to create a claim?

You are not required to use this system, but registering with us is the fastest way to get your claim processed. It allows you to provide us with the information we need to process your claim in a secure way. Also, you can always login to check your claim status.

How do I register on the consumer portal?

Click here to register. You will need to know the contract holder’s first and last name and the contract number to register. You will also need to verify the following information before you can start a claim:

The vehicle’s mileage at the time of purchase
The contract holder’s address at the time of purchase
The name of the dealership from where the vehicle was purchased

Finally, you will also be asked to verify your email address before you login to create a claim.




How do I cancel my GAP product? 

The process is simple. There are two ways you can cancel your GAP product: 

  1. Return to the dealership where you purchased your GAP product to request a cancellation; or, 
  1. Download and complete the cancellation form that applies to you:  

Required documents and return instructions are included on the form. 

Once you cancel your GAP product, you are no longer eligible to submit a GAP claim and any pending GAP claim will be cancelled. 



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